What is the Fourth Habit of Transformational Leadership?

Habit 4: We connect authentically. We cultivate trust.

Our fourth Habit of Transformational Leadership reminds us that as OPTAVIA Coaches and leaders, we always come from a place of empathy and compassion for others. As soon as you bring your first Client into our Community, you are a leader, helping them succeed on their journey. To do that, it’s critical to build a relationship through meaningful connections and conversations, being present, and simply listening intently to another.

When most people think about “connecting authentically,” they think about what they are going to say or how they will respond. As OPTAVIA, connecting authentically means being there for them – listening to them with all of our being. It is a deliberate shift from yourself to another. 

As an OPTAVIA leader, when you focus on another person, trust yourself to be present, first. Then, begin cultivating that person’s trust by demonstrating to others that you are present by listening and feeding back what they shared with you. This should be done by responding through the lens of what you think“ should be,” but rather by responding in a way that allows them to feel that you have listened deeply, been there for them, and that you are helping them to feel safe.

Here is a  video to learn more and an exercise to start putting Habit 4 into practice.

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 Habit 4: We connect authentically. We cultivate trust.

 Hábito 4: Nuestras Relaciones Son Auténticas. Cultivamos La Confianza.