Why would I want to create a culture of sponsoring on my team?


As much as you or your Coaches might like, it would be impossible for you to support every Client who is looking for lifelong transformation.  In order to get America healthy and share Optimal Health with as many people as possible, we need more Coaches reaching more Clients. Has Coaching transformed your life for the better? Don’t you want to share that with everyone you know, so that their lives can be transformed too? Here are some things to share with your team as you discuss sponsoring and team building and why it is in everyone’s best interest:

  • Becoming a Coach is in the best interest of your Client – it adds an element of accountability to their own healthy journey.
  • Having someone become a Coach is in the best interest of you and your team member; a Client is more likely to become a long term Client if they are a Coach and committed to their health.
  • More people will be reached – think six degrees of separation – your Client knows so many people you don’t know. How many more lives could be transformed when they become a Coach?

Sponsoring and welcoming Coaches into your team is part of the OPTAVIA Way. Remember, as the leader of your team, they will adopt your mindset, so embrace and encourage sponsoring and team-building in your interactions with them. For more information on developing a sponsoring mindset on your team, check out this  video.

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