Why is it so important to keep adding to my Contact List?


Did you know that the average American knows 600 people by first name? You might not be average; you could know more! There are several benefits of using and continuing to add to your  Contact List

  • There are so many people that need Optimal Health and Wellbeing in their lives.As you meet (or recall) and connect with more people in your everyday life and via social media, adding to your Contact List means that you have their information ready so that you can continue to build relationships and reach out when the time is right.

  • Adding to your Contact List means that you can be in continual activity in your business. There is always someone to reach out to and share what OPTAVIA offers! Adding to your list regularly answers the question “Who do I talk to next?” Use this  workbook to add to your Contact List.

  • Your Contact List can also be a great tool when it comes to setting up events or healthy gatherings. Our OPTAVIA Community is best experienced first-hand, so using your Contact List helps reinforce the value of what we offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Start adding to your  Contact List right now and sharing our offer with those you know! For more information and tips, speak to your Business Coach or someone in your support team. This brief  video can also help.

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