Why is follow up so important?


Follow up is key to building your healthy OPTAVIA business! When you take the time to consistently check in and connect with those on your Contact list, they will know how much you care and then be interested in what you have to share.

Keep in mind, the world is searching for quick-fix solutions, while our collective health is at an all-time low. When they are ready to begin their journey to Optimal Health, you will be there to help them. 

As an OPTAVIA Coaching best practice, we encourage you to take the time to follow up with:

  • People you have met out and about
  • Facebook friends who have liked or commented on something you’ve shared
  • People who have expressed interest but said “not now”
  • People who attended an event
  • People who were unable to attend an event but expressed interest
  • People you invited to an event but didn’t respond
  • People you have been meaning to connect with but haven’t had time
  • Anyone and everyone who could benefit from Optimal Health – it’s always a GREAT time to Follow Up!

Did you know: 44% of people give up after just one follow up & that 80% of “Sales” require 5 follow ups?*

To learn more about following up, download these  Follow Up Tips and watch this  video!

*HubSpot Blog:  73 Mind-Blowing Sales Statistics That Will Help You Sell Smarter in 2019

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