When do I connect with my new Client?


It’s important to connect with your new Client shortly after their order is placed. Your Client has received a  Welcome Email; so that they feel welcomed and equipped with basic information to start their journey.

Once their order arrives, set up a time to speak with them the day before they plan to start (we call this the  Journey Kick-Off call) and again on  Days 1, 2, 3, and 4

We also have  daily messages you can either send via Facebook  Messenger or via text for their first few days, in addition to our Virtual Support Videos that you can share with them as well.

  Coaching Clients the OPTAVIA way is so important so that they feel guided and supported along the way.

On Day 7, it’s time for a  check-in and Celebration Call with your Client to talk about their Wins of the Week (WOWs) and to set up your twice weekly check-ins for weeks 2, 3, and 4. After Week 4, it’s best to establish a weekly check-in to continue to build a relationship with your Client and help them progress on their journey of lifelong transformation.

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