What resources are available to support a new Coach and help them grow to Senior Coach?


You can help your new Coach get started and support them using the following:

 Starting a new Coach video

 New Coach Checklist

 Starting Point

 3-Way Conversation Tips

 Health Assessment with Guidelines

 Coaching Guide

 Agents of Transformation Facebook Group

 Product and Program video

• OPTAVIA Coach Monday Night Leadership Webinar

• Wednesday Client Support Events

• Nutrition Support Team

 OPTAVIA Client Answers

 OPTAVIA Coach Answers


Don’t forget! Your Business Coach and Support team are terrific resources for your new Coach as well.

Useful Resources for this Topic

Video Resource

 Starting a New Coach Video

  Product & Program Video

 Senior Coach Celebration Video

 Starting Point

PDF Resource

 New Coach Checklist

 New Coach Checklist (Spanish)

 3-Way Conversation Tips

 3-Way Conversation Tips (Spanish)

 Health Assessment with Guidelines

 Health Assessment with Guidelines (Spanish)

 Senior Coach Celebration

 Senior Coach Celebration (Spanish)