What message can I send my Client if they are looking for more information on OPTAVIA Premier?


If your Client has questions or needs more information about his/her OPTAVIA Premier membership, here is a message you can send them:

  • “When we placed your first order, you enrolled in OPTAVIA Premier. OPTAVIA Premier is a monthly auto ship program, which gives you many benefits on qualifying orders, including free or discounted shipping and rewards to be applied to your next order. With OPTAVIA Premier, you will be charged for and receive a new shipment of Fuelings each month, so that you don’t run out on your journey.”
  • “You have complete control and flexibility over your auto ship and can change the date of your order or cancel at any time. You will receive reminder emails 7 and 4 days before your order processes. These reminders will prompt you to make any changes.”
  • “If you have any questions, let me know. I’m happy to help! You can also find the complete OPTAVIA Premier Terms and Conditions here.”