What message can I send my Client about referrals?


If you offer a referral program, you can opt to send your Client a message about it when you feel it is appropriate. (They’ve mentioned to you that people are noticing, they’ve specifically told you about friends/family/coworkers asking about their success, etc.) 

Here’s an optional message to send (message content below).

“Don’t be surprised if people ask what you are doing as you experience success. They’ll have questions and want to know more. The best way to give them that info is to connect them with me. When they ask, you could respond with:”

“Yes! I am getting healthy and it’s so easy. Let me connect you with my free OPTAVIA Coach so they can answer your questions and see if this is a good fit for you too.”

“Best ways to do this:”

  1. “Group text with all 3 of us in it.”
  2. “Facebook private message with all of us in it.”

”They trust you so if you connect us, they will feel more comfortable. If you can connect them with me, rather than just give them my number, the chances of being able to speak with them is greater. We want to awaken people to what is possible & really help them with a lifelong transformation. We always start with why they want to get healthy before we share how.”

”So let’s do this together and truly help your family and friends. By the way, when someone starts the program because you connected us, I want to thank you! So you will receive a $25 credit* on your account for each person who becomes a Client. *offering this referral credit is optional, it is NOT required.”

”OR maybe they would like to be coached by you since they have the relationship with you? Would you like to explore coaching and see what that would be like?”

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