What is the Sixth Habit of Transformational Leadership


Habit 6 – We deliver extraordinary results, and in the process we serve to better mankind.

Our story may be extraordinary, but it’s not unique. The Universe plays no favorites. We have to do the work and make a decision that we are willing to do what it takes—willing to make the disciplines every day to move forward and bring others with us. That’s what we do as a team. We decide that we are not special but we are going to take this opportunity and go out and do the work necessary to be spectacular. Because that is how we’re going to change the world.

  • We see the results we deliver as extraordinary, and we consistently set new goals to create incremental growth in ourselves, and in others.
  • We are mission-driven, and we understand how our business goals are aligned with our mission.
  • We always consider the bigger picture in our decisions and continually act for the benefit of all.

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 Habit 5 - We awaken potential. We transform masterfully.

 Habit 5 - We awaken potential. We transform masterfully. (Spanish)