What is the first message that I can send a new Client?



The day a new Client places their OPTAVIA Premier order.


Congratulations! Your program is ordered and on its way! To start your journey on the right foot, follow these three steps: Assess your current reality: take this brief  Wellbeing Evaluation and please message me your results.

  1. Learn by reading Dr. A’s very short, yet powerful, ebook, Stop. Challenge. Choose. This will be a powerful tool you utilize now and in the future.  Download the eBook.
  2. Pick up some essential tools (if you don’t already have them):
    1. Food scale (make sure you are getting the right amount of your lean protein)
    2. Bathroom scale (digital is best)
    3. Measuring Tape (Measure your W.A.T.C.H. = Waist, Arm, Thigh, Chest, Hips)

Useful Resources for this Topic

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 Wellbeing Evaluation

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 Stop. Challenge. Choose.

 Daily Messages to New Clients

 Daily Messages to New Clients (Spanish)