What is the Day 2 message for my new Client?



Day 2.


Welcome to Day 2! You are on your way. As you begin your journey to Optimal Wellbeing, you may feel hungry, tired, or irritable as your body adjusts to a new way of eating. This is temporary, but if it should happen, here are a few tips: have an optional snack (like 2 dill pickle spears, 3 stalks celery, or an OPTAVIA Snack) or a couple additional ounces of lean protein (e.g., 1 hardboiled egg, 1 - 1.5 ounce reduced-fat cheese stick, etc.). You may also try drinking a cup of chicken broth or a calorie-free electrolyte beverage, such as Powerade Zero.

Within a few days, these symptoms will disappear, leaving you feeling energized and confident. Remember, the support of your OPTAVIA Coach will be so important as you begin your journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or need additional support.

Tip: Stock up on fresh and/or dried herbs and spices to add flavor to your lean and green meals. Refer to our  Condiment List for a complete list of condiments, healthy fats, and portion size recommendations.

Remember your WHY for starting your journey. We’ll talk later to connect and answer questions.

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