What is OPTAVIA Premier?


OPTAVIA Premier is a convenient way for our Clients and Coaches to enjoy savings and rewards on the orders they place with OPTAVIA. 

  • OPTAVIA Premier orders over $250 receive free shipping and 10% Rewards on the following OPTAVIA Premier order. 
  • OPTAVIA Premier orders between $150 and $249 receive $5 flat rate shipping and 5% Rewards on the following OPTAVIA Premier order. 
  • NEW OPTAVIA Premier orders over $250 which include a minimum of 15 boxes of Fuelings are eligible to receive 5 free boxes of Fuelings and a free Blender Bottle®.
  • In addition, OPTAVIA Premier automatically replenishes your Fuelings so that you don’t run out on your journey. Clients and Coaches have complete control and flexibility over their OPTAVIA Premier orders and can change or cancel at any time. 
  • Reminder emails are sent 4 and 7 days prior to the order processing with information on making changes.

For more information and complete details, please see the OPTAVIA Premier  Terms and Conditions.