What is Healthy Habits For All?

As an independent OPTAVIA Coach, you empower people to tackle the challenges of tomorrow because they’re focused on making positive changes today. 

But what if we had the power to do more? 

Healthy Habits For All® is our philanthropic initiative designed to advance our mission and bring healthy habits to even more people, aligning who we are with how we give. Together, we can give kids and families in our most at-risk communities the most powerful gift of all: the ability to transform their health and wellness destiny.

Through partnerships with nonprofits, Healthy Habits For All will help break generational chains of poor health.

We will achieve this in two ways: 




We will use the Habits of Health® to educate at-risk children so they learn how to adopt healthy habits, the same way Coaches help their Clients.


Knowledge is power, but we also need to make those habits accessible. We can achieve this by giving children what they need to make smart choices a reality.