What do I talk about on the Day 1 support call with my new Client?


Day 1 is a big day for your new Client!  Here are some guidelines of topics to cover:

  • Congratulate them on Day 1.
  • Ask for their starting weight (“Do you mind sharing how much weight you would like to lose? And, if you don’t mind, could you share how much you currently weigh?”) OR

    • Note: some Clients may not be comfortable sharing their weight. If so, just let them know that it’s fine. The focus will be on their progress and being mindful of their goals.
    • Alternatively: Use the BMI chart to find their current BMI and establish their goal.

  • Remind them to take their measurements: waist circumference and others if desired.
  • If they haven’t taken their “before” photo, remind them to do so, so they can track progress visually, but don’t need to share it with anyone
  • Ask them to take you through Day 1: Fuelings, times, and lean and green meal. Advise accordingly.
  • Ask how they are feeling. If they have concerns, refer to the OPTAVIA Guide.
  • Ask if they have any questions.
  • Confirm time to call them on Day 2.

To download the recommended support topics for your new Client’s first week, click  here.

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