What are the requirements to join Leadership One?

Requirements to join

Qualitative Measurements:

  • Display mature leadership and influence through the 6 OPTAVIA Habits of Transformational Leadership
  • Exhibit unique perspectives on how their business is built, display different skill sets in those activities, and as a cohesive group, offer a diverse perspective on the OPTAVIA Coach community
  • Representative of multiple teams and organization throughout the community to ensure diversity
  • Are open, coachable, agile, and function well in group settings and create efficient and productive outputs as true team players
  • In good standing with the company, and have no outstanding violations or investigation

Quantitative Measurements:

  • Qualify as a FIBL 9 consecutive months
  • 1 year membership on Team Pursuit
  • Submit a formal letter, stating their intent to join Leadership One and why they desire to do so
  • Provide two letters of recommendations from their Leadership One support team members

Conduct requirements for Leadership One members

  • embrace and champion the brand, both privately and publicly; are coachable and open, and make decisions with the brand as the top priority 
  • actively participate and be fully present in the OPTAVIA Community
  • engage in calm, poised, non-emotional, and productive discussions
  • be open to self-growth and leadership development opportunities
  • express fair and honest feedback which represents their and their teams’ perspectives
  • be respectful of others and differences of perspective
  • refrain from lobbying behind the scenes through a coalition
  • adhere to strict confidentially on topics discussed
  • understand their role in the organization
  • make themselves available as needed to ensure projects are completed and key matters addressed in a timely manner.

Each potential member of Leadership One will be vetted by the entire leadership body to confirm members.