To access your profile, hover your mouse over your name and select Profile from the drop-down menu. The top of the page displays highest achieved rank, business name, ID number and day that you became an OPTAVIA Coach.

  • Contact Information - Displays your business contact information including your address, email address and phone number.
  • Core Metrics - Displays month-to-date updates on PQV, FQV, GQV, Ordering Entities, New Frontline Coaches and more. 
  • Business Team - Displays current rank, highest rank achieved, Business Coach, upline Global Director and Presidential Director.

Additional features:

Click the Profile dropdown to display the following additional features:

  • Activity- Features a real-time feed of activity within your organization month-to-date. Names and order numbers within the feed can be clicked on to view additional reporting. 

  • Volumes- Features a historical monthly volume comparison report which includes your current month.

  • Orders- Features a historical summary of persona orders. Each order number can be clicked on to view order details.

  • Scheduled OPTAVIA Premier Order- Features details about your personal OPTAVIA Premier membership. This information includes the next process date, last process dates, available rewards and more!
  • Line of Sponsorship- Shows the line of sponsorship between you and the profile account being viewed within your organization. *When selecting this tab from your own profile no additional Coaches will be displayed.