Updating Name for Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to update my name on my OPTAVIA Coach account?

  • In CONNECT, update your name on your OPTAVIA account by clicking “My Account” and saving changes.

  • In CONNECT, update your website by clicking “Manage My Site” and updating your name there.
  • For OPTAVIA Pay, call into Coach Success (1-888-OPTAVIA), or email Compensation@OPTAVIA.com specifying the changes you need made.
  • For Recognition Name, complete the Recognition Name Form.

Please note: You must go through all of these steps for your name to be reflected accurately everywhere, including on your account, in OPTAVIA CONNECT, OPTAVIA PAY, etc. The Recognition Name Form is for the purpose of specifying how you would like to be recognized for your OPTAVIA achievements.

How do I change my name for recognition purposes?

To specify how you would like to be recognized for your achievements, complete the Recognition Name Form.

Note: This Form is useful if you want to update how your name appears in recognition elements online, at events, etc. For example, you would use this form if you go by “Beth,” but your full name is Elizabeth.