Updated U.S. Marketing Materials FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What key updates were made in the Program Guides and marketing materials for OPTAVIA Coaches & Clients?

Here are the key updates to highlight when supporting and training your OPTAVIA teams:

  1. The OPTAVIA App.

    Available to OPTAVIA’s U.S. Community (downloadable in the App (Apple) and Google Play (Android) stores), the OPTAVIA App features a robust library of Lean & Green recipes, self-service options related to OPTAVIA Premier orders and returns and other key resources, such as the ability for OPTAVIA Clients to connect with their independent OPTAVIA Coaches directly via email or text!
  2. NEW OPTAVIA Text Short code.

    Both English and Spanish Guides and marketing materials reflect OPTAVIA’s SMS private Short code 462-57 (GOALS).* To receive OPTAVIA’s future SMS or MMS alerts or the OPTAVIA 30-day tip campaign for New Clients, all independent OPTAVIA Coaches and Clients must opt-in by texting keyword “OPTAVIA” to 462-57 (GOALS). Terms & Conditions apply.
  3. OPTAVIA has impacted 2 million lives!

    Updated marketing materials reflect the impact that your teams make every day, via this claim: “Our clinically proven plans and scientifically designed products were developed by physicians, dietitians and scientists, have impacted 2 million lives and been recommended by thousands of healthcare providers.
  4. Digital Database.

    OPTAVIA Clients and OPTAVIA Coaches on Plan can access digital versions of this latest content on OPTAVIA CLIENT ANSWERS. Our OPTAVIA Program Guides and Information Sheets are always available to download, and feature interactive links, making it easy to view these marketing materials on any device.

Can I purchase these latest OPTAVIA Guides and updated marketing materials?

Yes! Please visit OPTAVIA.com to purchase updated English and Spanish Guides and marketing materials.

If a new Coach orders an OPTAVIA Business Kit, will they receive the updated version? What about first time Premier orders for New Clients?

Yes!New Coaches that ordered their OPTAVIA Business Kit, andOPTAVIA Clients who placed their first Premier order, on Monday, March 20, 2023, will receive these updated materials. OPTAVIA Coaches are also encouraged to refer to digital components in the Document Library.

What if I don’t receive the updated OPTAVIA Business Kit, Guides, or these updated marketing materials in my next OPTAVIA order?

While your return processes, please refer to the Document Library section on COACH ANSWERS, which includes most digital versions of updated OPTAVIA Guides and marketing materials. For OPTAVIA Clients, the Program Guides & Information Sheets section on OPTAVIA CLIENT ANSWERS houses the most recent versions.

What materials were updated in English? 

Product NameComponent & New SKU


OPTAVIA Diabetes Guide (#37881)

OPTAVIA Guide (#37883)

Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan® (#37884)

Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan® (#37885)

OPTAVIA Seniors Guide (#37887)

REFRESHED OPTAVIA U.S. Coach Business Kit Materials

OPTAVIA Health Assessment (#37882)

OPTAVIA Steps to Success (#37888)

Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® : An Introduction for Clients (10 Pack) (#37886)

What Spanish OPTAVIA Guides and marketing materials were updated?

Product NameComponent & SKU

UPDATED OPTAVIA Program Guides in Spanish

Spanish OPTAVIA Guide (#32710)

Spanish OPTAVIA Journey Kick-Off Insert (#32716)

Spanish OPTAVIA Top Tips Insert (#32718)

Spanish Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan (#32712)

Spanish Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan (#32711)

Spanish OPTAVIA Diabetes Guide (#32714)

Spanish OPTAVIA Seniors Guide (#32715)

Spanish OPTAVIA Dining Out Guide (#32720)

UPDATED OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit Materials in Spanish

NEW! Spanish Habits of Health® Transformational System Coaching Guide (#32709)

Spanish OPTAVIA New Coach Steps to Success (#32717)

Spanish Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan: An Introduction for Clients (10 Pack) (#32713)

Spanish OPTAVIA Success System which includes: Spanish OPTAVIA File Folders (3 Pack) (#32719) and Spanish OPTAVIA Health Assessment (#32708)

Were any of the elements of OPTAVIA’s Business Kit removed?

Yes, OPTAVIA Fueling & Product Cards in English (#31108) and Spanish (#31113) will no longer be included in the OPTAVIA Business Kit. Instead, they will be available exclusively online.

Are there any additional marketing material updates?

Yes, the digital version of the Thyroid Medications, Soy & OPTAVIA Sheet is no longer available in our document library or our document database. Instead, updated information is located in OPTAVIA COACH ANSWERS and in  OPTAVIA CLIENT ANSWERS.

Do updated OPTAVIA Guides and marketing materials reflect any additional changes?

Yes, both English and Spanish Guides and marketing materials now reflect OPTAVIA’s NEW SMS private Shortcode 462-57 (GOALS)*. To receive future SMS alerts and the NEW OPTAVIA 30-day tip campaign, independent OPTAVIA Coaches and Clients must join by texting keyword “OPTAVIA” to 462-57 (GOALS). Terms & Conditions apply.

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