Starting Clients


How do I send plan information or a guide to a Client?
It’s simple – just visit our List of Guides and email the document or text the link directly to your Client.
How does a new Client place their first order?
Placing an order over the phone (1.888.OPTAVIA) or via the “Shop” button on your co-branded website, is quick and easy.
When do I connect with my new Client?
It’s important to connect with your new Client shortly after their order is placed. Your Client has received a Welcome Email so that they feel welcomed and equipped with basic information to star
How do I start a new Client on their journey?
Your new Client is ready to join the OPTAVIA Community! Here are the steps to getting them started right on their journey to lifelong transformation.
What information should I send my new Client?
Once your new Client has placed their first order, it’s time to welcome them to our community!