Recognition Update: Highest Rank Achieved

As another update, we are pleased to announce that due to ongoing performance enhancements with OPTAVIA CONNECT, you will now see the three-consecutive-month requirement for Highest Rank Achieved/Recognition Title Rank, which will also be applied to the Regional Director rank moving forward, starting with October qualification.

Please note that this update in CONNECT will not be live until Monday, October 12, 2020! At that time, we will communicate this information via the weekly e-Update to all Coaches, and other eUpdates throughout the month of October.

Once this update in CONNECT is complete, OPTAVIA Coaches will see their Highest Rank Achieved on the profile page, which is the primary locations Coaches see their rank in the Highest Rank Achieved report section.

We look forward to recognizing our newest Regional Directors following finalization of December 2020.

Should you have questions, please reach out to a member of your Mentorship team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will OPTAVIA CONNECT soon align “Highest Rank Achieved” or Recognition Rank Title in Recognition Reporting? 

Yes, thanks to ongoing performance enhancements with OPTAVIA CONNECT will soon allow “Highest Rank Achieved” or Recognition Rank Title to align with the criteria outlined in the Integrated Compensation Plan (see “Rank Advancement & Recognition”). 

How will CONNECT recognition related reporting change?

Starting with October 2020 qualification, Rank Advancements to Integrated Executive Director and above – including Regional Director Rank – will be recognized after the rank qualifications have been met and maintained for three consecutive months.

When will these qualifications in CONNECT take place?

These qualifications will be in place starting this month, October 2020.

When will the first round of Regional Directors be recognized?

We look forward to recognizing the newest Regional Directors on your team following the finalization of December 2020!