OPTAVIA Website Domain Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is OPTAVIA restructuring the URL for OPTAVIA.com?

We are restructuring the site domain to drive digital consistency and support future market expansion. This adjustment will allow the Company to support translated content for markets, such as Hong Kong, and others as OPTAVIA expands. 

When will the change take place?

The new URL will go live on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

What is the new URL for the United States? 

The new URL for the United States is: www.OPTAVIA.com/us/en

Will replicated site URLs stay the same?

Replicated sites will change, but anyone using the site will be redirected.

Is there any action needed on my part? 

No action is needed on your part! You will be automatically redirected to the new URL beginning Wednesday, October 27, 2021. 

How will this impact independent OPTAVIA Coaches when onboarding?

The new URL restructure will provide consistency for OPTAVIA Coaches when sharing key resources for New Clients, like OPTAVIA.com and replicated sites.

What if I have the site bookmarked? 

All bookmarked sites will automatically be directed to the correct page. No action is needed on your part. 

What are the specific URLs for each market?