OPTAVIA SHARE: Overview and FAQs

OPTAVIA SHARE is a communication portal where you can send branded emails, eCards, social media content, newsletters, and more! 

Here are the specific features:

  • Email Templates and Flyers
    You will now be able to send flyers and emails to Clients, Coaches, or Coach Candidates, both of which feature easily customization content – even images! Your personalized contact information is also added to every flyer. View a brief video on Email templates and Flyers.

  • eCards
    Enjoy a variety of branded eCards for your Clients, Coaches, and Coach Candidates that you can send with a customized message. View a brief video on eCards.

  • Social Media Graphics
    This content includes specific social media content, available for you to share with your social media followers. Each graphic features your contact information, so those seeing it will remain connected to you, even when it is shared multiple times over social media. View a brief video on Social Media Graphics.

  • Newsletters
    Branded OPTAVIA Newsletters with engaging content will also be available after December 1st (Please note that these newsletters will replace our existing Healthy Habits eNewsletter). View a brief video on Newsletters.



We have a series of helpful instructional videos on how to best use OPTAVIA SHARE including setting up your profile, sending eCards, and much more.

Login to OPTAVIA SHARE and then select “Learn how to use OPTAVIA SHARE” from the home page.

How do I use an email template?

Login to OPTAVIA SHARE and click on “Email Template” from the homepage. Click on the blue “Get Started” button in the top right corner. This will create a customizable email that you can access anytime by clicking on the tab “My Library.”

Who should I enroll in the Virtual Support series?

To ensure the most accurate email campaign is shared with your Clients, we strongly recommend that you subscribe your new Client to the Virtual Support campaign TWO DAYS BEFORE they go on Plan. The first two videos are from Dr. A and Lori Andersen welcoming new Clients to the OPTAVIA Community and preparing the, for what they can expect while on Plan.

How do I enroll a new Client in the Virtual Support campaign?

You can initiate the Virtual Support email campaign for a new Client by clicking on the icon from the homepage of OPTAVIA Share. From there, click in the search box and begin typing your Client’s name.

How do I end a current Virtual Support campaign for one of my Clients?

You can unsubscribe your Clients by using the same steps you took to enroll them. Simply click on the icon from the homepage of OPTAVIA SHARE and begin typing your Client’s name.

What’s the Virtual Support Campaign?

Use this tool helps your new Clients stay on Plan, learn more about the OPTAVIA Community, and explore the option of becoming a Coach themselves! This feature is fully automated, and takes less than 30 seconds to subscribe your new Clients.

Why do I need to sign-up a new Client for the Virtual Support email campaign?

Make sure to also sign-up your new Client for the Virtual Support email campaign two days before they go on Plan. This automated video series will send your Client several emails with quick tips and short, motivational videos from some of our top OPTAVIA Leaders.

What are OPTAVIA email templates?

OPTAVIA Share offers seven different Email Templates that can be used to create your own customized emails, including your personalized Coach information. The email templates range from basic text, to text and an image, as well as a template for creating your own newsletter.

Will these emails have a similar look and feel?

Yes. Now your email communication to Clients and Coach Candidates will have a branded look and feel, and include your contact information and Coach picture at the bottom of each note. And, each email you create will be saved to the “My Library” tab, so you can quickly modify or resend emails to a new group.