OPTAVIA SHARE is a communication portal where you can send branded emails, eCards, social media content, newsletters, and more! 

Here are the specific features:

  • Email Templates and Flyers
    You will now be able to send flyers and emails to Clients, Coaches, or Coach Candidates, both of which feature easily customization content – even images! Your personalized contact information is also added to every flyer. View a brief video on Email templates and Flyers.

  • eCards
    Enjoy a variety of branded eCards for your Clients, Coaches, and Coach Candidates that you can send with a customized message. View a brief video on eCards.

  • Social Media Graphics
    This content includes specific social media content, available for you to share with your social media followers. Each graphic features your contact information, so those seeing it will remain connected to you, even when it is shared multiple times over social media. View a brief video on Social Media Graphics.

  • Newsletters
    Branded OPTAVIA Newsletters with engaging content will also be available after December 1st (Please note that these newsletters will replace our existing Healthy Habits eNewsletter). View a brief video on Newsletters.