What updates have been made to OPTAVIA Learn?

We have made several updates to OPTAVIA LEARN that we would like to share with you. We have organized and streamlined the content into the following categories:

  • New Coach Onboarding Guide
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • 6 Habits of Transformational Leadership
  • Habits of Health Transformational System
  • OPTAVIA Leadership

The New Coach Onboarding Guide was developed in 2020 with members of L1 and is intended to restructure and organize action steps for new Coaches in their first 30 days. 

When will these updates occur?

These updates will go live on Monday, October 11, 2021.

What is in the new Coach Onboarding Guide?

The new Coach Onboarding Guide has been restructured and designed to lay out action steps for new Coaches in their first 30 days. In addition, we have consolidated information that was previously in OPTAVIA Learn into the new Coach Onboarding Guide to streamline our assets.

Why was this update made?

This update was made to simplify and streamline the OPTAVIA Learn Platform. The purpose was to consolidate the available information to be more digestible and appealing for our Coach Community.

Are any additional updates happening?

OPTAVIA LEARN will continue to evolve over time as the business needs of the OPTAVIA Coach Community grow as well.