OPTAVIA Coach Business Distribution Upon Divorce

For Coach Spouses (“Married Coaches”) that jointly operate an independent OPTAVIA Coach Business (“Coach Business”), there are important policies that apply to the Coach Business if the Married Coaches ever legally separate or file for divorce.  

If Married Coaches separate or file for divorce, no changes may take place to the Coach Business until the Company is provided with certain documentation outlined below. Changes include, but are not limited to OPTAVIA Pay account information, Co-Applicant information, Coach contact information, etc. The Coach Business must remain intact, and the “Primary Coach” listed on the account will be responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the business until the Married Coaches reach an agreement or a court issues an order noting which spouse will take over the Coach Business.  

The Company will only make changes to the Coach Business once it receives one of the following items: 

  1. A court order instructing which spouse will take over the Coach Business; or 
  2. A formal agreement (documented in writing, signed by both parties, and notarized) between the Married Coaches instructing which spouse will take over the Coach's Business. 

Upon the Company’s receipt of either one of these items, the Coach Business will be transferred to the Coach taking over the business.  Please note that OPTAVIA is unable to split a business in two, or to divide a commission between two parties. Therefore, if the Married Coaches enter into an agreement or are ordered by a court to split the commission or divide the business, the Coach Business will be cancelled or reverted to Client status by the Company and will roll up to the Married Coaches’ sponsor.  

Please note that, if so desired, the spouse not assuming the Coach Business may enroll as a new Coach immediately under the Sponsor of his or her choice.

The Company reserves the right to verify all documentation provided by the Coaches concerning the disposition of the Coach Business. Please submit all relevant documentation to the OPTAVIA Compliance Team (compliance@OPTAVIA.com).