New Coach


We're so glad to have you join us as a Coach! At OPTAVIA, you're part of a community of like‐minded, like‐hearted people who support each other, through and through. One of the ways in which we offer that support is via OPTAVIA LEARN to help you gain the knowledge and skills to help you help others on their own Optimal Health journeys and build your bigger life.

As a new Coach, You'll learn about:

  • Connecting with our Coach community and define what is most important to you and your business.
  • Taking immediate action to get started right.
  • Welcoming your first Clients with success on their own Optimal Health journeys.

Watch the video and explore the Action Steps below to begin!

Table of Contents:


1. Get Connected to your OPTAVIA Coach Community

  • Prior to your Coach Kit arriving, virtually or physically meet with your Business Coach – and possibly others in your Mentorship Team - to clarify your goals, create your strategy, and to take your first important steps in your business. Your Business Coach will set this up for you.
  • Join the OPTAVIA  Agents of Transformation Facebook Group.

2. Clarify your reasons for becoming an OPTAVIA Coach

  • Prior to your meeting with your Business Coach, you may want to complete the  What Matters Most to You worksheet to connect why becoming an OPTAVIA Coach really matters to you. When you meet with your Business Coach discuss your goals so that you both know what you’re working towards.

3. Get Prepared

Decide who you’re going to connect with and what you’re going to say.

Watch Starting Point to learn how to get started from top Field Leaders:

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  • Create your story - Outline your talking points based on your own story and experience. This exercise will guide you on  creating yours.

4. Get Into Action

  • Apprentice with your Business Coach or someone in your Mentorship Team and let them help you by doing the first 3 - 5 calls to the top people on your list.
  • Use the  OPTAVIA Health Assessment and Health Assessment Guide to assist you and guide you during your call.
    • If your Candidate is ready to start their program - see #5.
    • If they are not ready, stay in touch and put their Health Assessment in your first Follow up Folder. You can find this in the  OPTAVIA Success System.

When the timing is right, consider utilizing social media as a great way to attract interest.

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  • You can learn more about growing your Facebook friends list  here.

5. Welcome your first Clients

  • Start your first Clients on their own OPTAVIA Transformation by learning more about our Product & Programs and reviewing the  OPTAVIA Coaching Guidelines.
  • Once you have reviewed the OPTAVIA Coaching Guidelines and Product & Program Video below, you will be ready to take the OPTAVIA Knowledge Check. Get started now!

    Log-in to OPTAVIA CONNECT  

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  • Help them  get started and assist them in placing their first order.
  • Send your new Client the Journey Kick Off video to watch before you talk with them the night before they start. You can learn more about the Journey Kick Off Call  here.

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6. Earn your Client Acquisition Bonus (CAB)

  • In your first 30 days from signing up, you will earn an additional $100 when you enroll 5 clients with combined orders that exceed 1000 FLV during that time.