Medifast Recovery Request Form

Supporting Clients along their journey, helping them integrate into our OPTAVIA community, and helping them adopt the Habits of Health® is a critical addition to our phenomenal fuelings.

If you find that a candidate that you introduced to OPTAVIA placed an order incorrectly, please use this form to contact us so that we may review the order and determine if it should be corrected. 

There is no guarantee that the order(s) will be changed. If OPTAVIA unable to amend the order(s) or correct the commission associated with the order(s)that the client(s) placed, we will be sure to contact you.

Recovery Eligibility

  • An order is only recoverable within 60 days of order placement.
  • The OPTAVIA Coach’s account must be activated at the time of order placement.
  • This form must be completed to be considered for Recovery.
  • A maximum of three orders may be honored per client where applicable.
  • If the initial order is from a Lead; it is not recoverable.

View the   Medifast® Recovery Request Form.