CONNECT: Manage My Site

This area allows you to customize your personal website and share your story. Add and edit your avatar, social media, about me and more! 

To make changes to any of the displayed fields, simply click on the Edit button and make your changes.  Be sure to click Save once you are done.

How do I change my Avatar?

Click the edit icon then click Choose a file. Select an image from your PC or Mac and then click save. Before saving your changes, you will be prompted to preview your image and crop if necessary.

OPTAVIA Connect - Editing your avatar.

How do I change my replicated site information?

Once the OPTAVIA Coach Kit has purchased, your replicated site will immediately be available so that you can begin enrolling and supporting new OPTAVIA Clients. 

Your default web address will be (i.e.

To personalize your replicated site information:

  1. Select Manage My Site  from the CONNECT home page
  2. Scroll down to the section Website Information. Here you can update your site name, display name, email address, phone number, address, social media information, About me, and your before and after photos.
  3. To update any of these fields, click the edit icon next to the desired website information.
  4. Updated information and click Save. *When selecting a replicated site name, create a name that is both unique and easy for your Clients to remember.

Managing website information - the pencil on the far right-hand side will allow you to edit any of the fields.

How do I register as a Healthcare Provider?

To add your Healthcare Provider information to your co-branded site, you will need to select Manage My Site from the CONNECT home page. Scroll down to Healthcare Provider Information, and select the edit icon to add Healthcare Provider information. Click here for full details with screen reference. Click here to view FAQs.

  1. Are you currently a Healthcare Provider?-  Select Yes to continue.
  2. In what fields are you registered as a Healthcare Provider? -  Select option from drop down menu.
  3. In what state(s) are you registered as a Healthcare Provider? - Select option from drop down menu.
  4. What is your Registration License Number? -  Enter details into field.
  5. Select the Save button to save changes.