What is the Third Habit of Transformational Leadership?

Habit 3: We seek growth. We embrace obstacles as the way.

With our third Habit of Transformational Leadership, we see that as OPTAVIA leaders we are continually progressing on our journeys. That means we strive for personal, business, and Community growth regardless of our current environment. When an obstacle appears, realize it is there for you to grow.

When challenges arise, OPTAVIA leaders find the opportunity and see the gift in the obstacle. If there aren’t any obstacles, we realize we are not pushing hard enough. Once the challenge arises, it means that we are ready to embrace it, as we understand it is our relationship with the obstacle that is key. OPTAVIA leaders change their perception to see how they can use the obstacle to create their future.

Here is a video to learn more and an  exercise to start putting Habit 3 into practice.

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 Habit 3: We seek growth. We embrace obstacles as the way.

 Hábito 3: Buscamos El Crecimiento. Aceptamos Los Obstáculos Como Parte Del Trayecto.