What is the Fifth Habit of Transformational Leadership?

Habit 5: We awaken potential. We transform masterfully.

Our Habits of Transformational Leadership build upon each other, creating the foundation of OPTAVIA Leadership. Habit 5 allows us to perfect our understanding and employment of the first four Habits as we take others through their own transformational journeys. When we are acting on our own potential, we are awakening others to do the same.

As Agents of Transformation, we come from a place of empathy, compassion, and curiosity to help others explore what matters to them most. We awaken people to the understanding that they, too, can transform their lives: every simple habit, every healthy decision, every positive change leads to more.

Here is an exercise to start putting Habit 5 into practice.

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 Habit 5: We awaken potential. We transform masterfully.

 Hábito 5: Despertamos El Potencial. Transformamos Con Maestría.