Leadership One


What is Leadership One?
The highest level of field leadership team is Leadership One. Leadership One leaders are truly conscious leaders who see the OPTAVIA Mission as their personal mission and embody the 6 Habits of Transformational Leadership. Leadership One members set...
What are the requirements to join Leadership One?
Requirements to join Qualitative Measurements: Display mature leadership and influence through the 6 OPTAVIA Habits of Transformational Leadership Exhibit unique perspectives on how their business is built, display different skill sets in thos...
What are the maintenance requirements for Leadership One?
Maintenance Requirements for Leadership One FIBL 6 of 12 months, rolling
How do I apply for Leadership One?
Once you are a member of Team Pursuit for one year and have fulfilled the following requirements, you are eligible to apply for Leadership One. The requirements are:  Team Pursuit Membership for one (1) year Qualify as a FIBL nine (9) conse...