Leadership Call Discontinuation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t we hold the Leadership Call anymore?

With growth, comes change. We are excited to tell you we are working with Field Leaders to develop other means of communication to support your business. Continue to connect with your mentorship team for business strategies and new OPTAVIA initiatives!

How will I get all my business news?

We will continue to send the OPTAVIA eUpdate every Monday evening, which will contain the most up to date news for your business! We will also promote business news, incentives, and announcements on COACH ANSWERS and our Facebook group Agents of Transformation. Also, please continue to connect with your mentorship team for business news.

Will we still have the Field-Led Call on Mondays at 8:30?

The Field-Led call is hosted and run by independent OPTAVIA Coaches; it is not an official OPTAVIA corporate call, nor is it officially endorsed by OPTAVIA. Please reach out to your mentorship team to learn more about Field-Led events or webinars. 

Will we still have Habits of Health Community Time on Wednesdays?

At this time, we are discontinuing all official corporate-held calls, including the Coach Monday Call and the Habits of Health Community Time and Inspiring Stories of Transformation. For more information, your can review the Habits of Health Community Time Calls Discontinuation FAQ.

However, you can go to Youtube for a catalog of videos led by Dr. A on Your LifeBook Elements 1 - 26 and the complete playlist of Habit of Health calls reviewing the Elements in more detail.

Your LifeBook: Introducing the Elements

Habits of Health Community Time Recordings

Can I still access previous Monday Night Calls?

Yes! All of the prior Leadership Call Recordings are available through OPTAVIA CONNECT, under the resources tab.