International Expansion Plan- Monthly Zoom Webinar

What is the purpose of these monthly webinars?

Aimed at educating OPTAVIA Coaches about the ongoing benefits and necessary steps to get involved with OPTAVIA's expansion, these webinars will provide  Coaches the opportunity to become a pioneer in this movement alongside Medifast and OPTAVIA, while also advancing the global health revolution, and helping people across the globe live their best life.

When is the second webinar?

The second monthly webinar took place on Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 10:00 p.m. ET via ZOOM.
View the   recorded webinar.

Are the dates set for the other monthly webinars?

Subsequent monthly webinars will occur the first Thursday of the month in November and December, for the rest of 2018 and leading up to our official launch in Singapore and Hong Kong.

What will be discussed on the second webinar?

The second webinar, led by OPTAVIA's Clovis Lau, Vice President of Business Development; Cherlynn Lim, Vice President of Business Development in Singapore; and Harold Prestenbach, Integrated Presidential Director, will highlight any immediate actions for OPTAVIA Coaches now.

What other topics will these webinars touch upon?

Subsequent webinars will feature additional topics related to international expansion, and there will be an opportunity to listen to OPTAVIA Field Leaders to learn coaching techniques and skills that will be helpful to support your teams who are interested in expanding to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Does OPTAVIA have any international expansion resources online?

Yes, we do. Please visit OPTAVIA COACH ANSWERS for a section on International Expansion. We have also launched the OPTAVIA International Expansion Packet at OPTAVIA Convention 2018. You can   download this packet.

How do I find the International Expansion webinar recordings?

Click here to access library of previously recorded International Expansion webinars.

Are any other international expansion activities planned for 2018?

Please stay tuned for additional information on our international expansion.


Why is the company expanding internationally?

Our OPTAVIA Community has been committed to making America healthy and has helped more than one million people transform their lives. We are inspiring more people than ever to get healthy and live their best life, evidenced by record-breaking growth and impact in our home market.

The transformations we have inspired here in the United States are just the beginning. The pursuit quest for health extends far beyond our border, as we know we can make a positive impact on other populations around the world.

When and where will the expansion take place?

We are excited to expand to Singapore and Hong Kong in the first half of 2019. To learn more, please read our   International Expansion Packet, currently available on OPTAVIA COACH ANSWERS.

Why has the company selected Asia, and not another part of the world, like Latin America?

Asia is experiencing one of the fastest growing obesity rates in the world. Diseases our communities struggle with here in the West are now common in the East. In fact, more than half of the Asian population is actively trying to lose weight.

What products and plans will be available in Asia?

We will bring the same clinically studied plans and Fuelings we offer in the U.S. – including the popular Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® – to new OPTAVIA Clients in Asia. We will offer a diverse selection of Fuelings, and we will continue to grow our portfolio over time as we introduce new Fuelings that reflect local taste preferences.

How can I participate in international expansion?

The first step is to start building relationships with others who have connections to Singapore and Hong Kong by sharing all  OPTAVIA has to offer. Participate in the Global Health Ambassador Club (GHAC). This program rewards OPTAVIA Coaches who develop Coaches who become Health Pioneer Club members in Singapore and Hong Kong, and it offers a yearly payout on top of the current compensation plan. *More on the   International Expansion Packet can be found on OPTAVIA COACH ANSWERS.

*Additional conditions apply. Please see the GHAC program's  Terms and Conditions.