International Expansion FAQ

Why are we expanding Internationally?

We want to honor our mission — to offer the world Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time®! Expanding to other markets will help us impact many more lives, which is the goal of OPTAVIA!

What does an international soft launch mean?

At soft launch, you’ll be able to sponsor and support Clients and Coaches in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Coaches in our new markets will have some limited tools and resources until the grand opening.

Where can I find more information on our International Expansion, including Compensation Plan?

Please refer to OPTAVIA COACH ANSWERS for information regarding our International Expansion, including the Compensation Plan.

Will I be able to support Clients in Hong Kong and Singapore?

Yes! U.S. Coaches will be able to support Clients in Hong Kong and Singapore! You will be able to expand your business across borders!

How can I grow my business internationally?

Keep having conversations, building and expanding your US business, and continue to foster relationships with US Coaches and Clients that have international connections, as well as making connections with Candidates in Hong Kong and Singapore.

How do I enroll a new International Client?

We are excited you are signing up a new Client in your organization! There are two ways a new international Client can open an account. They can go to or or they can call the Client Support Team at:

Singapore: 800-321-1188

Hong Kong: +852 800 913 717

The Client needs to sign up for the account on their own in order to properly consent due to data privacy regulations in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Why were there changes made in CONNECT?

The changes were made in Connect to implement volume standardization and accommodate the international compensation plan. Additional changes have been made to improve the performance of Connect.

What is True View and how will it benefit me as a Coach?

True View allows Coaches to focus on areas and teams with whom you have the most influence to further the mission and potentially maximize your compensation.

True View helps Coaches identify what should be their strategic plan, as it prevents overwhelm for Coaches who may have too much information at their fingertips. 

Now, information will be displayed in the most tight, concise package possible so that Coaches can act efficiently and effectively. This means that you will now see down to your payline, plus one additional generation. 

Why can’t I see my entire organization in CONNECT anymore?

In order to help you better manage your teams, we wanted to focus on the generations that are directly impacting your rank and bonus qualification. You have access to view all generations of Executive Director Teams that you are currently earning on plus one additional generation based on last month’s qualification.

Why can I no longer view Lives Impacted in CONNECT?

We know that as OPTAVIANS, we are touching lives and spreading our mission every day. Comparative reality is not the OPTAVIA way, and ALL Coaches and Clients are contributing to our mission.  When we reviewed the definition of Lives Impacted, we discovered that the definition could be misunderstood.  The Lives Impacted banner will be removed from Connect, and we will be looking for another metric that the power of our mission. 

What is Volume Standardization?

This process allows OPTAVIA to equally compensate Coaches across all markets for supporting and growing their business. Volume standardization consist of:

  • Compensation Volume:  Used to calculate commission on orders
  • Qualifying Volume: Used to determine rank and bonus eligibility

What is the difference between Qualifying Volume (QV) and Compensation Volume (CV)?  

Please see below for the differences between Qualifying Volume and Compensation Volume:

  • Compensation Volume (CV): The value assigned to any product/ item in the OPTAVIA product portfolio for the purposes of compensation calculation. All products have a Compensation Volume, ranging from 0% to 100%, of the product price. All commissions and bonuses are paid on Compensation Volume.
  • Qualifying Volume (QV): The amount assigned to an item to determine rank and bonus qualification. Qualifying Volume is used to standardize the duplication model to ensure that the level of effort for qualification remains the same over time and across markets.

Why is it important to introduce Volume Standardization?  

At OPTAVIA, we believe in protecting the value of a Coach’s business. Therefore, we will have two types of volume moving forward: Compensation Value (CV) and Qualifying Volume (QV).

Beginning July 7, we will no longer use the term Frontline Volume (FLV). Instead, volume will be the same depending on any market in which you do business as we are standardizing volume to be the same in United States, versus Hong Kong or Singapore. 

Will the way I get paid change?  

No, volume standardization will not affect the way Coaches are paid. The process for collecting payment will be the same as in the US market.

Are any of my bonuses changing?

There is a different compensation plan for International Coaches, however your bonuses will be based on your home country. A U.S. Coach will still continue to earn the same bonuses, pending they qualify for those bonuses.

How will I know the QV & CV amounts for my market?  

Please refer to this price sheet for specific QV and CV amounts for your markets.