International Compensation Plan Overview

OPTAVIA Coaches in the Asia-Pacific region will be compensated for their efforts through our International OPTAVIA Compensation Plan.

The International Compensation plan features some of our foundational concepts (like integration and equity businesses), as well as simplification for international appeal and to account for jurisdictional and cultural differences.  

As part of our design approach, we ensured that the culture of OPTAVIA was honored and preserved. Therefore, all new Coaches & teams will plug into our existing genealogy – no Coaches will be brought on that are sponsored by or frontline to OPTAVIA.


What does an international soft launch mean?

At soft launch, you’ll be able to sponsor and support Clients and Coaches in both Hong Kong and Singapore.  Coaches in our new markets will have some limited tools and resources until the full market launch.

Why didn’t we just take the U.S. Plan and use it for international?  

We did! What we’ve done is take our well designed U.S. plan and embed some of our foundational concepts (like integration and equity businesses) and then simplified for international appeal and account for jurisdictional and cultural differences.   

What does “single, global tree” mean?  

As part of our design approach, we wanted to ensure that the culture of OPTAVIA was honored and preserved.  Therefore, all new Coaches & teams will plug into our existing genealogy – no Coaches will be brought on that are sponsored by or frontline to the Company.

Genealogy is borderless.  Once we open, a Coach can have Clients or Coaches in the U.S., in Singapore, in Hong Kong, or a combination of all three.   We are talking about one truly GLOBAL OPTAVIA business for Coaches.  

What does “cross-border” mean?  

When we are talking about cross-border, we simply mean that your business is no longer simply contained to one country or jurisdiction – it is literally now reaching across a border to support a Client, mentor a Coach, or build Coach teams in a separate market.   As a Coach, you are no longer fettered by geographical borders when you are sharing all that OPTAVIA offers.    

Why add a Monthly Client Acquisition Bonus?  

In other cultures, there may be a proclivity to lean on recruiting and not understand the foundational importance of Client acquisition and support.  Just like our other core values, we want to embed this into the plan so that it guides behaviors and reinforces our OPTAVIA cultural distinction.   

Why not keep the exact same rank nomenclature? 

There are some jurisdictions in which the term “director” has legal implications regarding ownership.  We need to move to another convention for rank names as we expand internationally.   

Additionally, the term “integrated” does not translate well into other languages, and since we want to simplify, not confuse, we’re excited to explore other designations to convey the achievement of our Coaches.  

Will Coaches receive new Highest Ranks after 1 month or 3 months in the international plan?  

Since we want to ensure that our leadership culture is exported to new markets, any Coach at a Master Coach rank will be recognized at their new Highest Rank after 3 consecutive months of qualification.   

Note:  We’ll also be moving to that format for all U.S. ranks IED & above (including Regional).  

Why not increase the amount paid on this bonus after Senior Business Leader (Global equivalent)?  

We understand that once someone reaches Senior Business Leader (Global equivalent), their focus begins to shift to more senior and transformational leadership, working depth and building solid teams.  We also know that the additional Business Leader bonuses will reward Coaches for reaching Senior Business Leader.  We still wanted to recognize and honor performance accordingly for their efforts.   

Where did the Assist Bonus go?  

Since we’re trying to bake in foundational behaviors, Assist Bonus has been replaced by Business Builder Bonus – in most cases, a greater earning opportunity for the Business Coach! 

Who will receive compensation according to which plan? 

The country/jurisdiction of residence will determine which plan a Coach is paid under. U.S. Coaches will continue to be compensated under the rules of our current plan.   International Coaches (markets outside the U.S.) will be compensated under the rules of the international plan. 

However, since we are operating under a seamless Global compensation structure, cross-border downlines will help Coaches qualify for various ranks and bonuses, regardless of which plan they are under.  

Will the international plan be identical in all new markets? 

We’ll evaluate the plan viability for each new market under consideration.  Our goal is to keep a single international plan wherever possible.  

Will we be moving to this plan for the U.S.?  

At this time, the U.S. plan will remain intact and as written and U.S. Coaches will continue to be compensated according to its rules.  

If the plans are different, how will we know how a downline international Coach helps us qualify in the U.S.? 

CONNECT will be updated to accommodate the cross-border differences.  Since we are employing rank mapping, someone who is an Executive Coach in Singapore will count as an Executive Director for the upline U.S. Coach. Conversely, someone who is an Executive Director in the U.S. will count as an Executive Coach for the upline Singapore Coach.  

Has this plan been modeled and tested to ensure that it will work with our business model? 

Thoroughly. Two of the required outcomes were that this plan be financially viable from a Coach earning perspective and from a Company payout perspective.  Rigorous modeling and testing was completed to ensure these objectives were met.  

What is the difference between Qualifying Volume (QV) and Compensation Volume (CV)?  

Please see below for the differences between Qualifying Volume and Compensation Volume:

  • Compensation Volume (CV) – the value assigned to any product/ item in the OPTAVIA product portfolio for the purposes of compensation calculation. All products have a Compensation Volume, ranging from 0% to 100%, of the product price. All commissions and bonuses are paid on Compensation Volume.
  • Qualifying Volume (QV) – the amount assigned to an item to determine rank and bonus qualification. Qualifying Volume is used to standardize the duplication model to ensure that the level of effort for qualification remains the same over time and across markets.

Why is it important to introduce Volume Standardization?  

At OPTAVIA, we believe in helping to protect the value of a Coach’s business. Therefore, we will have two types of volume moving forward: Compensation Value (CV) and Qualifying Volume (QV).

Beginning July 1, we will no longer use the term Frontline Volume (FLV). Instead, volume will be the same depending on any market in which you do business as we are standardizing volume to be the same in United States, versus Hong Kong or Singapore.  

Will the way I get paid change?  

No, volume standardization will not affect the way Coaches are paid.