How to report Policy violations?

When you enrolled as a Coach with OPTAVIA, under the terms of your independent OPTAVIA Coach Agreement, you agreed to follow the Company’s Official Policies and Procedures.  These Policies and Procedures include provisions that help protect our Coaches and the Company from potential legal issues, therefore, it’s important that all Coaches comply with the Official OPTAVIA Policies and Procedures. As a result, we encourage you to report any activity that potentially violates these Policies and Procedures.

Please note, violations may be reported to OPTAVIA anonymously, therefore, if you would like to remain anonymous, please don’t include your name when filling out the form below.   

Policy Violation Example:

Coach noticed non-compliant health, income claim and/or non- compliant weight loss testimonials on another Coach’s Facebook page.

Please  CLICK HERE to report a Policy Violation. In the form, you can add links where you find the violations and add files (e.g. screenshots) as attachment.

Link to OPTAVIA Policies:

Link to OPTAVIA Procedures: