How do I teach my team to sponsor?


First, help them understand that we are offering a solution when we share OPTAVIA.  We are not trying to “get” anyone to do anything. We are simply providing a solution. 

Then, remind them that many Coaches don’t commit to coaching the first time the subject is brought up when they are a Client or Candidate. There are three key steps to help make the idea of Coaching more comfortable in some people’s minds.  Walk them through each and encourage them to use these techniques in their coaching conversations.

  • Plant seeds
    • For example, at the end of a call with a Client, you may want to say something like: 
      • There is a side effect that I didn’t tell you about – this program is going to work for you, and when it does, people are going to be noticing and asking you about it. When this happens, you have two options:  1.  You can refer them to me and I will take great care of them, OR 2. You can coach them yourself. Most people prefer to be coached by someone they know, like a friend or family member. I know you’d be terrific at it. It’s not something you have to think about now; just keep it in the back of your mind.
  • Layering
    • For example, during your coaching calls, you might say:
      • Who is noticing your transformation?”  “Wow – do you think they might benefit from our program?”  OR if they try to bring you a referral: “Now, are you going to coach them or am I?” 

Another example:

Talking about how much you enjoy coaching and helping others:

“I just got off the phone with another Client; what an amazing conversation! They are doing so well. I love helping people.” Keep encouraging your Clients that they can do this and that they are already an inspiration to others.

You may want to remind them to be careful of saying the opposite.  Saying things like “Ugh. I am so busy! I have so many Clients to call. Got to find time to fit that in.” That immediately sends the message that coaching is too difficult, stressful, and takes up too much time, making it an unattractive option in the Client’s or Candidate’s mind. Encourage them to be mindful of how they talk about coaching and keep it in a positive light– how coaching is easy, fun, and so rewarding.

  • Invite them to explore Coaching – for example, if one of your Coaches tells you that they have someone who isn’t interested in coaching, ask them how they know. Unless a conversation takes place where the candidate has a chance to really understand what coaching entails and ask questions, they are simply saying “no” or they aren’t interested in their own concepts about coaching.

Help your Coaches understand that they don’t have to be good at asking people if they want to become a Coach; they simply need to be good at asking people if they would be open to exploring coaching.

One of the ways to become proficient at asking if someone would be open is to say something like: “You know, you would make a really great Coach. Would you be open to watching a video on exploring coaching?” Here is a great  video to use and send to your Coaches to use.

Encouraging your Coaches to follow these simple steps in order can help them sponsor effectively.  Talk to your Business Coach to learn more and be sure to check out this terrific  video for more details and tips.

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