How do I teach my Senior Coach to use the MAP?


Here is a step by step way to teach your Senior Coaches to use the MAP:

  • In the last few days of the month, send your Senior Coach the  MAP and this brief instructional  video.

  • Ask them to open OPTAVIA Connect and complete the “Current Reality” section with their data from the end of the month.

  • Then, ask them to complete the rest of it to the best of their ability (OPTAVIA Premier orders, Coach and Client Candidates, etc.)
    • Reassure them that you’ll be going over it with them, so if they are unsure of an area, you’ll cover it together.

  • Ask them to either:
    • Take a picture of their completed MAP and text, private message, or email it to you (if they are using a hard copy). OR
    • Save the file and email it to you (if using the digital version).

  • Set up a call in the beginning of the month to review the MAP together.
    • As always, be empathetic, listen, and ask questions to build the relationship.
    • While it may be tempting to start at the bottom (Current Reality), start with the top (Desired Outcome) instead:
      • Ask them about their big goals (their WHY) first to help them keep the bigger picture in mind.
      • Find out where they want to take their business. Typically, the next milestone for a Senior Coach is Executive Director. Is that where they want to go?
      • Also include financial goals, if that is important to them.
      • Then, ask them what their business goals are for this month. Help them develop goals for each item (FLV, GV, etc.), using their Current Reality from last month as a reference.

  • Move onto the “Top 10 Client Candidates” section, referencing their Contact List as a source. If they are continuing to build their list, they will have some folks ready to put down. If not, it’s a great opportunity for you to work with them on building their list.

  • Then, ask about their current Clients and who is doing well with their program. That information will help them complete the “Top 10 Coach Candidates” section.

  • As needed, provide more information on  sponsoring and developing Coaches.

  • Point out the High Leverage Activities that they can do daily to move their business forward.

  • Finally, set up a check in with them mid-month to see how their month is shaping up, compared to the goals they laid out on the MAP.

  • Encourage them to use their MAP daily to focus on the activities that will help them achieve their goals.

Most importantly, remind your Coach that you are there for them and project enthusiasm for their business and success.  Here’s a great  video to help you learn more.

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