How do I start a new Client on their journey?


Your new Client is ready to join the OPTAVIA Community! Here are the steps to getting them started right on their journey to lifelong transformation.

Remember: many of our OPTAVIA Coaches were Clients first, so how you start them is their first experience of what it means to be a Coach. Keep it fun, simple, rewarding, and show that it can fit into their life. Get ready to celebrate the little victories that add up to the big ones.

  • Have a conversation with your Candidate, and complete either the  Health Assessment or  Wellbeing Evaluation during that time.

  • Help them select the Plan that is right for them.
  • Help them place their first order (recommend the OPTAVIA Essential Optimal kit with the Habits of Health system).

  • Send them a personal  Welcome email.
  • Ask them to take a good “Before” picture if weight loss is one of their goals. This picture can be kept private so they can personally see their transformation.
  • Add them to your newsletter (if applicable).
  • Add them to your team’s online support page (if applicable).
  • Share the Virtual Support Videos with them to provide support along their journey.

  • When their order arrives, ask them to:

  • Read the  OPTAVIA Guide.

  • Call you to let you know when they plan to start.
  • Introduce them to your Business Coach when appropriate.
  • Talk to them the day before they start their program for their  Journey Kick-Off call, and review the  Journey Kick Off card that they received in their first order.

  • Touch base with them by phone on  Days 1 – 4 of their program and twice during their second, third, and fourth weeks, and once per week after that.
  • Establish an ongoing weekly Client  Check-in day.
  • Remind them of all of the great support available via our OPTAVIA Community.

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