How do I share an individual video from OPTAVIA LEARN?


To provide greater flexibility to our Coaches, there are two ways to share content from OPTAVIA LEARN. Individual video/content can be shared via either E-mail or SMS/Text (from your mobile device). 

For E-mail

Simply click on the envelope icon below the desired video. An email will be generated that contains the video link and name. Just type in the recipient’s email address and click “send”!

For SMS/Text

From your mobile devise, simply click on the video itself and copy the link. Open your messenger system, and paste the link, and send it! Entire page content (such as “Growing to Senior Coach”) can be shared by clicking on the “Share” icon in the upper right corner of the video.

Sharing from the video itself will share the whole page—useful if you would like to send all of the resources and information to a Coach who is looking for it.