How do I purchase Wellness Credits?

This article contains instructions on how to purchase Wellness Credits and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wellness Credits. You can use the links below to jump to these different sections of the article if needed:

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Shop tab and select Coach Store.
  2. Scroll down the page and select Wellness Credits from the left side menu. 
  3. Click on the Wellness Credit image to continue.

Wellness Credits.

  1. Enter in the ID number of the independent OPTAVIA Coach or Client that will receive the Wellness Credit(s). 
  2. Enter in the quantity of desired Wellness Credits (available in increments of HK$1.00) and click Add to Cart

Wellness Credits - the quantity should be equal to the dollar amount you are looking to give to the recipient and the Client ID number must be entered to ensure they go to the correct individual.

  1. Select Continue Shopping to add Wellness Credits for additional Clients or click Checkout to complete the purchase.
  2. Complete the checkout process, then inform your independent OPTAVIA Coach or OPTAVIA Client that their Wellness Credits are available to apply to an upcoming on-demand or OPTAVIA Premier order.

Checkout screen - the Client ID number and name of Client should be listed in the description. The subtotal of the wellness credits should equal the amount of credits being given to the Client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What increments of Wellness Credits can be purchased?

Wellness Credits can be purchased in increments of $1.00.

Do Wellness Credits expire? What happens if they do expire?

Yes, Wellness Credits expire 60 days from the purchase date. If credits expire, they will be returned to the applicable OPTAVIA Coach via their original form of payment.

How can OPTAVIA Clients or Coaches use Wellness Credits when placing an order or purchasing an OPTAVIA Business Kit?

Wellness Credits may only be used to purchase up to 50% (or half of an order on commissionable items) of a Client’s on-demand or Premier order. For example, if a Coach gifts a $50.00 of Wellness Credits to a Client, that Client can apply Wellness Credits to an order in the amount of 100.00 or more.

Conversely, Wellness Credits can be applied in full on non-commissionable items like the OPTAVIA Business Kit.

What are some ways to use Wellness Credits?

  1. Referrals
  2. Scholarship to new or returning Client to begin Program
  3. Business Program for Coaches
  4. Seasonal gifts
  5. Birthday gift
  6. Coaching anniversary
  7. Coaching milestone
  8. Holidays

Will Wellness Credits carry over if an order is less than available credits?

Yes, Wellness Credits will carry over if the total cost of an OPTAVIA order is less than available credits. 

Will Wellness Credits impact my commission or reduce the Commissionable Volume (CV) on a Client’s order?

Purchases of Wellness Credits are non-commissionable. They are a method of payment on an independent OPTAVIA Coach or Client's next order. Wellness Credits do not reduce the CV on a Client’s order.

Can Wellness Credits be purchased by OPTAVIA Clients?

No, Wellness Credits can only be purchased by an independent OPTAVIA Coach who wishes to gift another OPTAVIA Client or OPTAVIA Coach in the same market.

Can Wellness Credits be purchased by a Coach for another Coach on their team?

Yes, independent OPTAVIA Coaches can gift Wellness Credits exclusively to other Clients or Coaches.

Where are Wellness Credits available?

Currently Wellness Credits are available to independent OPTAVIA Coaches in Hong Kong and the U.S., which can be gifted to Coaches and/or Clients exclusively in their market.

How can Coaches track the use or expiration date of Wellness Credits?

Automated emails will be sent to Coaches and Wellness Credit recipients to alert both when credits are assigned or received, when credits will expire or have been used, and more. 

As always, feel free to review our Wellness Credits Terms & Conditions.

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