How do I keep adding to my Contact List?


Did you know that the average American knows 600 people by first name?   You might not be average; you could know more!   Here are some thought starters about adding to your  Contact List:

  • You probably didn’t capture everyone you thought of when you originally created your Contact List, so think again about who you might know who may be interested or need what OPTAVIA offers.For example, who do you know who:
    • Has expressed interest in health?
    • Likes or comments on your social media posts?
    • May be looking to lose weight?
    • May be looking to improve their health?
    • May be looking to help others?
    • Is looking for more balance in their lives?
    • Wants to pay it forward?
  • The FORD acronym can help:
    • Friends & Family
    • Occupation (yours and others)
    • Recreation (clubs, hobbies, children’s activities, religious or social groups, etc.)
    • Dreams (has expressed a desire to improve their health or improve on health goals)
  • You are constantly meeting new people: maybe it is through work, neighbors, your spouse or partner, your children, new service people at home or in public, your place of worship, your hobbies or interest, etc. People are all around you! Once you strike up a conversation and ask curious questions, it is okay to ask if you can stay connected with them. Then, add them to your list and follow up! Use this  workbook to help you grow your list.
  • Your Business Coach or someone on your support team can likely help you think of some other people to add. Reach out to them and continue to add to your  Contact List!
  • Here is a short  video for more pointers on adding to your list.

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