How do I help my Senior Coaches grow?


One of the ways to do this is through a Senior Coach Celebration Call.  It’s a chance to celebrate your Senior Coach, and encourage them on their journey to Optimal Wellbeing. 

Purpose of the conversation:

  • Celebrate them & continue to build a relationship
  • Find out their next desired goal
  • Confirm their basic skills
  • With permission, outline next steps

Always start out by asking, “What do you enjoy about coaching so far?”

  • Then let them talk and listen for clues. You’ll hear if they are excited, ready to touch more lives, or a little hesitant or discouraged. Their responses will guide your conversation.

Then ask, “Where would you like to go from here?”

  • Based on their answer, the conversation will go 1 of 3 ways
    • Ready for more – clear desire to grow
    • Confused - don’t know if they want to grow
    • Content - happy where they are right now, no real desire to do more
  • If they are ready for more and have a desire to grow:
    • Help them understand what YOU think is possible, and what that might look like from an earnings standpoint in terms of Clients, new Coaches, and Senior Coach teams.
    • Then, (if their goal is Executive Director, for example), “How would an extra $2k/month impact your life/budget/stress, etc.?”
  • If they are confused and don’t know if they want to grow
    • Explore their why as a Coach and help awaken them to how OPTAVIA might be a solution for what they are seeking
  • If they are content and happy where they are, simply move into confirming basic skills

Confirm basic skills:

  • How are your Client support efforts going? [Listen to response]

If applicable, introduce new items (based on their desired goal):

  • Review the importance of the  MAP
  • Discuss Certification
  • Explore sponsoring
    • Out of your first 5 Clients, who are your one or two best Coach Candidates? [Listen to response]
    • When ready, teach them to start bringing on Coaches and why that will benefit them and their Clients.
  • Encourage them to visit OPTAVIA LEARN and other Community & support resources available

Wrap up:

  • Help them define clear action steps
  • Remind them about team coaching
  • Send them (or guide them) to the  MAP Video (when applicable)
  • Here’s a  video with more detail and information on helping your Senior Coaches.

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