How do I effectively share Coaching?


In most cases, you’ve probably been planting the seeds of coaching with your Client or Candidate. Also, since you’ve been building a relationship, you probably know a bit about them, have a sense as to whether coaching might be a good fit for them, and if they are someone you might want on your team. If you think that coaching might be a good fit and you’d like to work with them on your team, then it’s time to move on to sharing coaching.

Sharing coaching with a Client or Candidate is simply asking if they’d like to explore what coaching might look like for them. If they say “yes”, then decide upon the best approach with this Candidate (or discuss with your support team).

There are typically three options for approaching a Candidate

  • During a three-way call/web conference with your Business Coach or someone from your support team.
  • Invite them to a live Trilogy Presentation. A recorded presentation can be found  here.
  • Directly during a conversation.

You can also send them more information on what OPTAVIA offers with this  video.

Once you’ve shared coaching and explored it as a possibility for your candidate, be sure to follow up with them quickly and then get them started!

To learn more about sharing coaching, watch this  video.

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