How do I address my Candidate's questions or concerns?


You’ll be asking lots of curious questions when speaking with Candidates. When you ask what someone wants to accomplish and determine their why, many objections can be overcome in advance. Also, if you get a question, it shows that someone is interested! Here are some basics to overcoming objections or questions:

  • Begin with the  Health Assessment to establish the flow and guide your conversation.

  • Listen and respond politely with your perspective. Respect their perspective as well.

  • Use the “feel, felt, found” technique. This technique really helps you connect with them.

    • Let them know you know how they FEEL because you felt it too or other

    • Clients have had the same thoughts at first.

    • Then, acknowledge how you know they FELT about this concern.

    • Finally, get excited about what you’ve FOUND to be the reality that helps them move beyond the objection.

  • Share stories with examples of people that have had the same concerns and have overcome them.

You can find specific information and talking points on different types of objection in our helpful  Embracing and Overcoming Objections resource.

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