How do I add a Co-Applicant to my account?

If you already have a Co-Applicant on your account no changes are necessary. 

If you are a NEW Coach as of 12/1/17, and you would like to add a Co-Applicant or add your Spouse to your Primary account, please follow the below process

  1. Sign up as primary only on the account and then add your spouse (this includes those individuals bound by a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership or common-law marriage), e.g. husband or wife who share a last name which can be done by simply changing the accounts primary name to BOTH individuals.  Coaches can do so by selecting the “My Account” section in their cart.   
  2. If the Coach wants their spouse to be listed as a separate Co-Applicant, the Coach needs to fill out the Co-Applicant Account Add-On Request Form.
  3. If the Coaches have different last names but are otherwise married (or have a domestic partnership, civil union or common-law marriage) complete the Co-Applicant Account Add-On Request Form.
  4. If the Coaches are NOT spouses and are any two or more individuals who want to operate an OPTAVIA Coach business, unfortunately, we cannot add a co-applicant in this situation.  More than one individual who wants to operate a Coach business needs to form a business entity legally and sign the agreement with that document linked here.