Health Care Professionals

Next Steps for New OPTAVIA Health Care Professionals

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1. Clarify your reasons for wanting to Implement OPTAVIA into your practice

  • Determine your vision for how OPTAVIA can help your patients and your practice and why you want to implement this solution into your practice to help your patients create Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time.

2. Get Connected to your Coach Community

  • Prior to your Coach materials arriving, virtually or physically meet with your Business Coach – and possibly others in your Support Team - to take your first important steps and to create your strategy. Your Business Coach will set this up for you.

3. Get Prepared - Decide how you will implement OPTAVIA in your practice

  • Decide who in your practice will be coaching your patients.
  • Consider how you will notify existing patients (i.e. email, introductory meeting, etc.)
  • Determine how patients will learn of OPTAVIA on an ongoing basis within the practice.

4. Get Into Action - Start reaching out

  • Your Business Coach or someone in your Support Team will help you introduce OPTAVIA to your first group of patients.
  • Use the  OPTAVIA Health Assessment to assist your staff or yourself when explaining the OPTAVIA solution.

    • If your patient is ready to start their program - see #5.
    • If they are not ready, stay in touch and put their Health Assessment in your first Follow up Folder. You can find this in the  OPTAVIA Success System.

5. Welcome your first First Patients

  • Start your first patients on their own OPTAVIA Transformation.
  • Help them  get started and assist them in placing their first order using the one-page simple  order form.
  • Send your new patient the Journey Kick-Off video to watch before you talk with them on the night before they start.

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6. Earn Your Client Accelerator Bonus (CAB)

  • In your first 3 months from signing up, you will earn up to an additional $250 each month when you enroll 5 Clients with combined orders that exceed 1,725 FQV during that time.