Fully Integrated Business Leader Perks

Fully Integrated Business Leaders (FIBLs) who qualify for three (3) consecutive months are awarded twelve (12) months of access to perks.*  

To maintain these perks, you must continue to qualify as a FIBL for six (6) out of twelve (12) rolling months.

In addition to the Global Support Queue, qualifying Fully Integrated Business Leaders receive the following perks:

  • Access to Business Leader Support: Receive assistance from a dedicated Support Team for business-related needs.
  • Leadership Workgroup Eligibility: Be considered for workgroups coordinated by the OPTAVIA Team and lend your insights and thoughts on new initiatives.
  • FIBL Surveys: Receive periodic check-ins that allow us to hear your valued opinion.

*OPTAVIA reserves the right to withhold recognition or perks to Coaches who may have achieved a rank/competency in violation of their Independent OPTAVIA Coach Agreement. Coaches must be in good standing in order to receive corporate recognition and perks.