CONNECT: Engage Dashboard

To access the Engage Dashboard, hover your mouse over the Engage title listed in the navigation bar. Next, click on Engage to view dashboard details.


The Engage Dashboard displays Your Performance (month-to-date), your Volume within your Organization, your Team Activities and your Month-to-Date Order Volume.

  • Your Performance -displays your current paid rank and month-to-date earnings. Click link to learn more.
  • Volume - display Frontline Qualifying Volume (FQV), Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV), Group Qualifying Volume (GQV), Senior Coach Teams, Executive Director Teams and Fully Integrated Business Coach Teams (FIBC) obtained in the last 6 months. Click link to learn more.
  • Team - displays a reflection of how your entire organization is performing month-to-date. This includes reporting on Coaches that are close to Senior Coach (SC), close to Executive Director (ED), close to Fully Integrated Business Coach (FIBC) and more. Click link to learn more.
  • MTD Order Volume - displays order volume metrics for both you and your organization. Click link to learn more.

*Select the link at the bottom of each dashboard to view additional reporting details.

Engage Dashboard.