CONNECT: Define Your Own Report

Build a fully customizable report that meets your business needs! This tool allows you to build a report using filters and parameters to create reporting on what matters most to you when it comes to supporting and growing your organization.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Begin by selecting to report on either Accounts (Your Team) or Orders (placed by frontline Clients and Coaches).

  2. Select a date range.

  3. Next click Add Filter to begin building out your custom report.

  4. Choose preferred filters from the displayed categories. To add, simply click on the filter name. The filter button will turn green to indicate that it has been selected.

Define Your Own Report - select filters.

  1. Once all filters are added, click the Add Filters button.

  2. Enter parameters into the available fields. Some filters will not require parameter details and can be left blank. These filters are added to ensure that a particular field is displayed in the reporting table.

    1. For example, to display an ID number in your reporting results select OPTAVIA ID as a filter, but do not enter in an ID number when completing the filter details

Define Your Own Report - adding parameters.

  1. Once all desired fields are complete, select Run Report.