Coach Registration Process

We have updated the OPTAVIA Coach registration process to better align with industry standards and best practices. When a new Coach purchases an OPTAVIA Business Kit on, they will be required to provide an electronic signature after review of the OPTAVIA Coach and Dispute Resolution Agreements, prior to checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this updated registration process apply to all independent OPTAVIA Coaches?

No, the updated registration process only applies to new Coaches purchasing an OPTAVIA Business Kit.

Will new Coaches receive a copy of the signed agreements? 

Yes, new Coaches will receive copies of the signed agreements via email at the conclusion of the checkout process. 

Sample email copy of Independent OPTAVIA Coach Agreement and Dispute Resolution Agreement.

Are there any requirements when signing these agreements? 

Yes, new Coaches need to provide a full name (first and last name) when signing each agreement to continue the checkout process.  

There are now two additional steps in the Coach registration process:

Step one

Step two